Google and Facebook Changes Showing Impact

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Google and Facebook Changes Showing Impact

In the wake of fake media placements and for better advertising results, Google and Facebook have started changing the way they post news stories. When these changes were announced, media companies expressed concern that it would impact their revenues. The

What “Fake News” Laws Might Look Like

Some of the social media giants, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, recently appeared before Congress to answer questions about fake news. As legislators debate whether to begin regulating fake news, the Goldman blog looks at what laws European countries have …

News Quiz Results Are in

Last week the Goldman blog identified a news quiz from Pew Research Center. We had no trouble scoring ten out of ten when we took it. Pew Research Center also surveyed Americans to see how the population as a …

The New Google News Not As Robust

Google News has often been a source for interesting articles to accompany Goldman blog posts. After the new format change, one of Google News’ best features is now missing. It used to be possible to do a deep dive news …