Videogaming, Esports Get Own WP Section

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Videogaming, Esports Get Own WP Section

Amid the cutbacks in journalism, the Washington Post is adding a coverage area: videogaming and esports. It provided details on its new Launcher section today.…

Media Coverage Still Planned Early for Some Topics

Yes, certain types of media coverage are still planned way ahead of time … as the New York Times Planninggraphicdemonstrates in this look at how it approaches Thanksgiving food stories.…

Tabloid Journalism Goes Back a While

The history of tabloid journalism is longer than one might expect. The Conversation has the story.Scandalgraphic

Media Facebook Comments Get Legal Shakeup

Facebook Comments Ruling Hits Australian Media

A judge there says media companies are obligated to moderate comments on their Facebook pages GavelThe Guardian analyzes what it calls a “landmark ruling.”…

Tornado Break-Ins Heat Up TV Controversy

Tornado graphicIf a tornado might be coming, would you want to know? Breaking into programming to announce severe weather alerts is brewing up a storm of disagreement between TV meteorologists and audiences, according to the Columbia Journalism Review.…

Renewing Trust in Media and Democracy

This is no doubt a weighty topic, but one crucial to the success of our country and the business of public relations. Journalism and our democratic institutions are suffering from public distrust. Earlier this month, The Knight Commission on Trust,

Behind the Univision Layoffs

Strife Among Univision Brass Precedes CutsShouting

Univision is still the nation’s largest Spanish-language media outlet, but its audience has dropped sharply in recent year and competitors are nipping at its heels. This week its new CEO announced it is laying …

It’s About Journalism

CJR on Journalism Impact of Daily News Cuts

Don’t worry about the journalists  — worry about journalism and by extension, about democracy.  That’s the take by the Columbia HatchettwoJournalism Review on the layoff of half the New York Daily News’ …

Censorship in School Newspapers

bannedSome Teen Journalists Encounter Censorship

Sensitive subjects — from investigations into personnel matters to relationships — are provoking anger and censorship for some school newspapers, according to the New York Times.  Its story notes that a 1988 Supreme Court …

Protecting Kids from Digital Dangers

UK campaign says legal mandates protecting kids from online negatives are needed

A new campaign by  the Daily Telegraph backs legal requirements protecting kids from digital dangers and has launched a campaign on theMagglass issue. It centers on “duty of …