Ad Tracking Details Revealed, Somewhat

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Ad Tracking Details Revealed, Somewhat

Facebook is making the process of ad tracking a bit clearer for its users, as Mashable reports.Tracking

YouTube Stars Move Away from Perfection

ImperfectgraphicThe Atlantic looks at the trend countering perfection among YouTube stars in this profile of what it calls the platform’s “most important” personality of the moment.…

Media Facebook Comments Get Legal Shakeup

Facebook Comments Ruling Hits Australian Media

A judge there says media companies are obligated to moderate comments on their Facebook pages GavelThe Guardian analyzes what it calls a “landmark ruling.”…

GAO Puts Factoids on Twitter

infographiccroppedInteresting Nuggets from GAO Reports

You might not think about the GAO having a Twitter account. But it does and this month, it has started including one factoid a day, extracted from the voluminous information it compiles every year …

BuzzFeed Site Shows Journalism Heft

BuzzFeed Spotlights its Commitment to Reporting

NewsjpgA development in the ever-changing world of journalism: BuzzFeed has set up a separate site for its news stories. According to TechCrunch, the organization wants to make it clearer that it does in-depth …

Protecting Kids from Digital Dangers

UK campaign says legal mandates protecting kids from online negatives are needed

A new campaign by  the Daily Telegraph backs legal requirements protecting kids from digital dangers and has launched a campaign on theMagglass issue. It centers on “duty of …

Dictionaries Spell Out New Image in Tweets

Dictionaries reap more fans with new social media voiceDictionary

Seeking to shed their staid image, some dictionaries are pepping things up on social media, according to the New York Times. Livelier tweets have brought a certain amount of controversy, …

World Cup: Brands Eye Different Demo

World Cup Marketers Shift to Hispanic Audience

SoccerWith the U.S. out of Word Cup, marketers may focus more on the nation’s Hispanic demographic during the competition. PR Week addresses this topic among others in a detailed look at how the …

Facebook Brings News Powerhouses Aboard

Facebook Pays for News Content

newsiconABC, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, Jorge Ramos and more: News powerhouses are coming aboard Facebook’s Watch, its section of proprietary video content. As TechCrunch points out, what’s especially notable is that the social media giant …

Social Media is a Pink Collar Job

The new “pink collar profession”

pink collarThe era of jobs by gender is supposed to be over. But social media has become a pink collar profession, according to Wired. It cites a thought-provoking study of job postings for social media …