American Journalism Project Readies to Act

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American Journalism Project Readies to Act

BloggerSince the Great Recession American newspapers have seen their revenues cut by nearly half. Thousands of jobs in the industry have been slashed and still it is having trouble recovering. Hoping to plug the dike is the American Journalism Project

Big Demographic Shift: Teen Summer Work

Summer work (2)
With summer in full swing and very low unemployment you might expect to see many teens working summer jobs. Surprisingly, that is not the situation. Pew Research Center has noticed a very large demographic shift taking place among teen summer …

Number of Shared Households Grows

It used to be that many Millennials were moving back into their parents’ homes during the Great Recession. Today, new research from Pew Research Center shows that many parents are moving into households of their adult children or other relatives. …

New Demographic Term – Xennials

Here’s a new demographic term to us – Xennials. It apparently was first introduced in 2014 by GOOD magazine. According to Inverse Culture, it is the group that sits between Millennials and Gen-Xers. They were born between 1977 and …