10 Tech Mega-trends for This Decade

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10 Tech Mega-trends for This Decade

securityWe recently looked at tech trends that shaped the last decade. What are the mega-trends in tech that will shape this new one? To a great extent they are already here, but not at the level they will be in ten years. At least, that’s how Medium.com sees it in an article by futurist Tim Ventura. All ten mega-trends seem quite plausible by 2030. Still, somehow our guess is something unforeseen will happen. Maybe its is virtual reality sports leagues or a technology-based medical breakthrough. Let us know if you can think of some that aren’t here. Why are we focused on mega-trends in a public relations blog? Everyone of these will impact the public relations industry to some extent, whether it is new jobs, how we communicate or in ways we just don’t know yet.

Viable Business Cases for Journalism

NewsjpgIn an article put out by NiemanLab, part of the Nieman Foundation’s study of journalism at Harvard University, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen of the University of Oxford makes the case that journalism and the news it generates can still be a viable business. In this article, Nielsen provides examples of successful modern journalism. Much of it is online and subscription based start-ups. He explains that the old models like newspapers, that were primarily based on dominant market positions that forced advertisers to use them, are not really viable today. Subscription models are where he sees success. We say, possibly he is correct, but it seems this will only a fill a niche. More diversely structured successful models are needed if journalism is to continue to play a key role in society.

Buzzwords and Their Creators

BeeWoke, Millennial, Brexit, gig economy are just a few of the many buzzwords that have made it into our lexicon. Some catch fire, others don’t. Sometimes they have intentional origins and at other times they are just oddities. Goldman & Associates admits to trying to start a few ourselves to help our clients brand their businesses. (Unfortunately, ours never caught on.) The Guardian has a story about buzzwords and how some originated. Our language is dynamic and always evolving. Maybe you can be the person to create the next buzzword.

Tech Trends that Shaped Past Decade

FactcheckSometimes it is best to carefully examine what shaped our lives to get a perspective on what might changes our lives in the future. Pew Research Center has provided ten tech trends from the last decade that changed society in very meaningful ways. Some are obvious, but others are more subtle. Most deal with social media. However, it is clear that these tech trends herald a loss of innocence. The new decade might determine whether the dangers of social media and some of these new technologies outweigh the personal benefits.

Social Media in the Next Decade

pexels-cell photo-607812 (4)It’s always a challenge to predict the future of anything, much less the changing nature of social media. However, CNN has taken a stab at it by looking at the changes of the last decade, then using those to make a prediction for the next. A number of new social media platforms became popular in the last decade, from Instagram to TikTok. Here’s some clues to what you might expect. The next decade of social media will be more entertaining and interactive. Find their predictions at the end of the CNN story.

2020 Predictions Time

Question (2)Starting now and through the end of the month, you will be seeing ongoing predictions for the upcoming year. People like to read them to figure out how their lives might be impacted or what their business should prepare for. Those who provide the predictions often want to be seen as thought leaders in their industry. It’s a great time to get quoted in the media if you have something relevant to say, or especially if you’re willing to say something somewhat outrageous. Much rarer this time of year is anyone actually looking back at the predictions for 2019 to see if any of them were correct. If you want to be heard, maybe it is a good time for you to make your predictions known.

Pronoun ‘They’ Named Word of the Year

Small groupThe English language doesn’t have a gender neutral, personal pronoun, so the word they is often used to convey gender neutrality when speaking or writing about someone who doesn’t claim a binary gender. Merriam-Webster Dictionary has done a data search of how often various words have been searched to determine their word of the year. What the publication found is that ‘they’ searches have increased 313% in 2019, more than any other word. You can read more about the decision in this statement. CNN has done a news story on the choice of “they’ which can be viewed and read here.

Sadly, Newseum Set to Close

Newseum Building 2 For those of us who love news and journalism, the announcement that the Newseum in Washington, D.C. will be closing was met here with great sadness. If you have not visited this wonderful institution, December 31 will be the last day to see it. Plan to spend the entire day there. It is truly an inspiring and emotional experience and well worth your time. No one can go there and not be moved by the major stories of our lifetime. This closure is one more disturbing announcement about the state of news and journalism. The Museum building, which is in eyesight of the Capitol, has been sold to Johns Hopkins University.

Universities Feel YouTube’s Impact

YouTube graphicUniversities are feeling the impact of YouTube. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it isn’t. The Guardian takes a look at the situation in Great Britain.

The Evolving Narrative for Thanksgiving

TurkeyIn public relations, the narrative determines how a particular set of facts are perceived. Over the years, the narrative for Thanksgiving has been evolving, but seems to be changing more today than ever. There is greater emphasis on indigenous culture and the impact of European expansion on Native Americans. Some of the myths associated with the holiday are being scraped away as new archaeological research uncovers more details about the period, the foods, the tensions and the alliances. Some think Thanksgiving began in Massachusetts and others in Virginia. Schools are annually faced with addressing Thanksgiving and textbooks are beginning to change to reflect our new understanding and way different cultures see the story. Here are some examples what different schools are doing in different areas of the country. But at its core, Thanksgiving is a modern opportunity to give thanks for what we have as a family and as a nation. That part of the narrative hasn’t changed.