Saving Reputation Means Saving Revenues

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Saving Reputation Means Saving Revenues

A virus rages through a senior living community. Numerous residents and staff fall ill, and some are taken to the hospital.  The community has to postpone move-ins and turn away visitors. Amidst the pandemonium, little thought is given to saving reputation  and revenues by informing key audiences, from family members to the public, about what’s going on. Negative comments start appearing on social media. Local reporters get wind of the situation and negative stories run on television and in the newspaper. While all of the residents and employees eventually recover just fine and operations at the community return to normal, its reputation doesn’t fare as well.  Because communications about the situation were not handled appropriately, incorrect perceptions about its safety linger for a long time. Occupancy drops, costing the community and its parent company tens of thousands of dollars in an already difficult market. It’s this kind of challenge, among others, that led our firm, the nation’s leading senior living provider, to establish SL Crisis Mitigation. We work with you from the start address the situation quickly and appropriately to save your reputation, and your revenues in the short and long run. Please contact us today.

The Making of the Chia Pet Phenomenon

Who hasn’t had a Chia Pet? I’m not sure why I initially wanted one or why my parents purchased one for me, but I’m not alone. This product has been a huge success and I really can’t put my finger on the reason. Adweek explores how the Chia Pet came to be and how an advertising agency owner saw its potential, purchased the company and has been selling them ever since. Sometimes a product strikes a chord and goes viral. This is one of those products people still seem to want. The article explains why the company thinks it has been so successful with so many generations enjoying growing plant material on pottery.

Good Writing Needs a Voice

This time of year a number of college students and graduates come to our website looking for jobs and internships. They often are seeking what we want in a new hire or intern. Simply stated, we look for top quality writing. This post is for you and anyone in business seeking to create a distinctive message. A writer must find the voice that lies inside. There are many aspects to good writing, but having a distinctive voice will take your writing for blogs, Twitter, websites and every place where writing is essential to the realm of greatness. Roy Peter Clark, has taught writing at Poynter since 1979 and offers wonderful advice to anyone who wants to improve their “voice”. Here is his article on good writing.

Senior Health Complexity: MD’s Crisis Help

When the concept of senior living arose some decades ago, it was rooted in the hospitality business. The demographics of aging have made care a much larger component than originally expected and planned. With many residents living with a range of medical conditions, providers have shaped the services accordingly. However, senior health complexity can be an aggravating factor, or the cause, of many kinds of crises. For this reason, the SL Crisis Mitigation team includes board-certified emergency physician Dr. Ilene Goldman, who can quickly evaluate and advise on medical issues relating to specific situations. This expertise provides a crucial edge as we work with you to mitigate crises, for a fast and strong recovery.

Media Misunderstandings Aggravate Senior Living Crises

A crisis is a challenge for any organization. It can be even more so for senior living providers, because most media know little about senior living and the people it serves.  For example, many don’t realize that independent living and assisted living residents are free to come and go as they wish, a misunderstanding that can result in incorrect reporting that tarnishes the provider. In managing your crisis communications, SL Crisis Mitigation educates reporters covering the situation on exactly what you do and who you serve, preventing errors that could harm your organization. We are uniquely able to do this based upon our many years of experience providing public relations to senior living organizations nationwide.

Restoring Business After a Senior Living Crisis

When a crisis happens, attention centers on handling and resolving the immediate situation.  All too often, however, senior living providers overlook its long-term effect on reputation, which translates directly into a negative impact on business.  You may be facing this reality within your own organization. Perhaps prospects continue to decide against one of your communities because of a crisis that occurred there years ago, even if the management team and even its name have since changed.  Clearly, the right steps weren’t taken back then to rebuild confidence in the community among the public and influencers.  A key service of SL Crisis Mitigation is reputation recovery — in other words, designing and executing programs to restore this confidence and rebuild business. Whether the crisis just happened or you are dealing with the legacy of one that happened long ago, we can help. SL Crisis Mitigation is a service of Goldman & Associates Public Relations.

Minimizing a Senior Living Company Crisis

Executed fast, a top-flight communications strategy can head off or minimize the reputation impact of a crisis. Without it, the situation can damage occupancy, referral relationships, consumer perception, staff morale and more. The result: Financial losses and a diminished capacity to recover. No senior living company is immune. As an SL Crisis Mitigation client, you will have immediate access to our expertise and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is not a call center operation. When you contact us, you reach our expert team directly. Fast action, by highly qualified experts, has proven to provide the best opportunity for a senior living company to recover quickly and minimize damage. This is an unique service provided by Goldman & Associates Public Relations.

Crisis at Your Senior Living Company

It’s 11:00 pm on Saturday night and a crisis threatens your senior living company. Now you can immediately turn to the nation’s leading senior living public relations firm for help. SL Crisis Mitigation, a division of Goldman & Associates, is composed of PR experts with extensive backgrounds in your industry. We stand ready around the clock to handle your crisis communications for the best possible outcome. Providers are facing increasing fallout from a wide range of crises. The negative impact is spreading faster and in unprecedented ways. It is crucial to have rapid assistance from experienced public relations professionals who understand your business and mobilize right away.

SL Crisis Mitigation Practice

As the leading public relations firm in the senior living industry, Goldman & Associates is adding a new public relation practice to aid the industry. Our firm is offering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year crisis communications help, executed fast, by top-flight communications strategist with extensive experience managing crises in the senior living industry. SL Crisis Mitigation was created because providers are facing increasing fallout from a wide range of crises. Their negative impact is spreading faster and in unprecedented ways. It is crucial that providers have rapid assistance from experienced public relations professionals who understand the business and can mobilize right away. When immediately acted upon, the financial losses from a crisis can be mitigated and the capacity to recover can be rapidly improved. You can read more about SL Crisis Mitigation here.

TSA Instagram Account a Pleasant Surprise

Most people wouldn’t think a government agency would have a sense of humor, and especially the TSA. Air travelers know not to joke with TSA agents when going through airport checks. However, on Instagram the TSA actually posts some surprisingly humorous items and comments about what people bring to the airport. All of this is intentional. This NBC News article explains the story behind the award winning TSA Instagram account and shows some of the amazing items people want to bring on planes…like the Maine lobster more than half the size of the TSA agent. It actually is allowed as a carry-on!