Trust in Online Content Quickly Changing

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Trust in Online Content Quickly Changing

Possibly it is the the concern over fake news, or how content was delivered through Facebook, whatever the cause our trust in online content is diminishing. Adobe did a study of online content trust and ZDNet explains the fascinating and somewhat surprising results. Here are a few tantalizing data points. Consumers are 83% more cautious now about sharing content than they were five years ago. Teens are becoming quite skeptical about online content. A third don’t even trust content shared by family or friends. On the flip side, 57% of teens are sharing online content with friends and families. And still, we continue to spend more time daily with online content than ever before, on average a third of our day. There are more statistics about our views on online content in the article.

All You Need to Know About Hashtags

If someone out there doesn’t understand hashtags, or wants to know more about them, we came across this Digital Trends article which provides an easy to understand primer. This relatively short overview explains everything from how the hashtag was started (which the Goldman Blog did here) to making your own hashtag. Take a few minutes to review what you know about the hashtag.

Margaritaville Brand Extension

Jimmy Buffet’s song “Margaritaville” probably should be seen a massive brand extension. It’s a popular song about living in Key West, Florida. Buffet has a large following known as “Parrotheads” who go to his well-attended concerts to hear it and other Buffet songs. To Buffet, Margaritaville is a “feeling that you need to get away.” He has taken that feeling and shrewdly built a growing group of businesses around it. He is involved with Margaritaville resorts and casinos, chains of restaurants associated with the song, chips, salad dressing, barbecue sauces and even a blender. He is working with a developer to create a billion dollar retirement community in Florida named for the song. His latest endeavor is covered by NPR – a Broadway musical called ‘Margaritaville’. Our hats are off to Buffet’s amazing marketing of the Margaritaville brand.

The Generation After Millennials

Pew Research Center has decided to define the Millennial generation as, “Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22-37 in 2018) will be considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward will be part of a new generation.” They explain why in this article. As to what that new generation will be called is still undecided by Pew Research Center. We’ve seen Xennials used and Pew notes that post-Millennials will likely be what they use until a new name is decided. They comment that The New York Times has asked its readers for ideas for a name as well. If you have thoughts on a name, please send them to the Goldman Blog.

Taking Social Responsibility Seriously

Harvard Business Review has an opinion piece from Rebecca M. Henderson, Harvard University’s John and Natty McArthur University Professor, based at Harvard Business School, about why more and more CEOs are taking social responsibility seriously. She explains that, “Companies are beginning to realize that paying attention to the longer term, to the perceptions of their company, and to the social consequences of their products is good business”. The reasons she cites are complex and multi-faceted but essentially are due to government abdicating its social responsibility and Millennials seeing socially responsible spending as important. However, the driving force is business, especially large business, seeing it as having value on the bottom line in sales and recruitment. The article is well worth reading and provides strong reasoning why all businesses should consider their own social responsibility activities.

The Connected Home of the Future

It’s always interesting to see what the future might hold. For the annual South by Southwest Conference, Google converted a nearby home with 12 rooms into a showplace for Google Assistant so that conference goers could see what the Connected Home might one day do. It is much more than just asking Google Home the daily weather. Here is a video tour and story supplied by Google that explains more about the home. The whole house is a bit contrived but an entertaining idea of how the Connected Home can work. Competition by Amazon, Apple and others is quickly heating up to become the Connected Home services provider. Adweek also has an interesting story on the brand marketing concept.

Logo Flip Draws Attention & Some Criticism

Not everyone is pleased about the iconic M becoming a W for International Women’s Day … the report from CBS News.

Going Print-Only for the News

What happens when you get all your news from print newspapers?  You get good info, according to this New York Times columnist.

Latino Social Media Use is Shaping Miami

Hispanic Americans spend more time with social media than any other kind of media and according to the Miami Herald, this is having an impact on the city.

The Gray Lady, Social Media and the Oscars

The New York Times explains its approach to social media coverage of the Academy Awards.