New Social Media Platform Gets Google Test

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New Social Media Platform Gets Google Test

ShoelacegraphicA few months after closing down Google+ for the general public, Google is toying with a new social media platform … TechCrunch has details on a more modest effort called Shoelace.

Ad Tracking Details Revealed, Somewhat

Facebook is making the process of ad tracking a bit clearer for its users, as Mashable reports.Tracking

YouTube Stars Move Away from Perfection

ImperfectgraphicThe Atlantic looks at the trend countering perfection among YouTube stars in this profile of what it calls the platform’s “most important” personality of the moment.

Media Coverage Still Planned Early for Some Topics

Yes, certain types of media coverage are still planned way ahead of time … as the New York Times Planninggraphicdemonstrates in this look at how it approaches Thanksgiving food stories.

Social Media Strike on Independence Day?

Strike graphicOn a day many Americans don’t work, a Wikipedia co-founder is also hoping people won’t post … Dr. Larry Sanger is calling for a social media strike on July 4 and 5 to demand user privacy and control of personal data.

Tabloid Journalism Goes Back a While

The history of tabloid journalism is longer than one might expect. The Conversation has the story.Scandalgraphic

Media Facebook Comments Get Legal Shakeup

Facebook Comments Ruling Hits Australian Media

A judge there says media companies are obligated to moderate comments on their Facebook pages GavelThe Guardian analyzes what it calls a “landmark ruling.”

Fake News Debunked, Just About Daily

For an understanding of how fake news originates and spreads, take a look at AFP FactCheck, which Factcheckexamines and debunks “information” from around the globe. It is fascinating, disturbing and obviously a lot of work for the AFP team.

Major Newspaper Boosts Investigative Staff

While the cuts in newspaperNFgraphic staff seem endless, the Washington Post says it plans to hire 12 more investigative reporters … The Hill has the story.

Influencer or Just Greedy?

GreedgraphicWho is a social media influencer and who is simply greedy? Some businesses find it’s better just to say no, as NPR reports.