Google Search’s Twitter Results: A Problem

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Google Search’s Twitter Results: A Problem

Search results on Google often give preference to Twitter and tweets. Mashable has come out with strong criticism of these Twitter results, explaining that it leads to the proliferation of “fake news” and “false information”. Jason Abbruzzese, the writer, shows …

Most Searched Halloween Costume on Google

Okay, it’s the Friday before Halloween. We don’t feel the need to write about a serious subject. Do you want to know what the most searched for Halloween costume this year on Google? If so, you’ll need to click here

Google Search Now Includes Local Library

Let’s say there is an e-book you’d like to read. If you do a Google search for the e-book you can find out where to purchase the download, or you can also fine out if it is available at your …

Do Google and Facebook Control the News?

It is more than an interesting question. News publishers are quite worried that they do and have banned together with the intent to ask “Congress for an antitrust exemption to let news organizations collectively bargain, like a union would, with …