Public Relations Practices

We design strategic public relations programs from the following practice areas; please click on each to find out more:


This practice area specializes in developing corporate-wide strategies for communicating with the many publics – from society as a whole to customers and employees and more – that a company serves.

Key aspects of the corporate practice include precisely identifying the publics, conducting needed research, benchmarking, goal-setting, and establishing measurement criteria for the public relations program, implementing the full range of needed tactics to achieve the goals, evaluating program success, and more.


The branding practice is linked to the corporate practice; it ensures that key messages are carried out throughout the entire organization, so that the brand message and brand experience are entirely consistent every step of the way for both external and internal audiences.

Research and trust-building tactics such as positive media relations and community outreach are tools that are often used by the branding practice.

Media Relations

Goldman’s media relations practice team is comprised entirely of former journalists, who bring substantial hands-on experience as print and broadcast reporters to your mission. Our team guides and assists clients in shaping media messages, training for media interviews, and proactively handling the news media for the best possible outcomes.


Developing and expressing messages is fundamental to public relations initiatives, and our editorial practice focuses on word choice and message development. We also provide editorial services such as writing communications material content and executive speechwriting.

Public-Private Partnership Projects

Increasingly, there’s business opportunity for the private sector in public sector infrastructure projects. Across the country, companies are developing proposals to assume responsibility for public sector facilities and programs, in such key areas as transportation, waste and recycling, stadiums, and much more. Legislation such as PPTA (the Public-Private Transportation Act in Virginia) is helping to further expand this potential for business. To move forward successfully, it’s essential for companies to attract and sustain support for their proposals by stakeholders, the media, and the public. Goldman’s Public-Private Partnership Projects practice specializes in generating favorable response and action at all stages of the process. Message development, media relations, grassroots outreach, education of civic groups, politicians, and citizens, digital strategies, and much more are components of this practice.

Issues Management

Goldman’s issues management practice focuses on advancing client goals by identifying issues that present opportunities or obstacles and then developing strategies to maximize the former and overcome the latter. In many cases, redefining the client’s message so that it resonates with key audiences is a critical and initial task in this process. The issues management practice often draws upon the expertise and tactics of related Goldman practices, such as community and grassroots outreach, social impact marketing, media relations, and editorial concepting and writing.

Employee Engagement

The focus of the employee engagement practice is strengthening communications between a company and its employees, enhancing employee satisfaction levels and eroding the impact of third-party interference in the company-employee relationship.

Often, grassroots and diversity outreach are part of this program, and our firm at times draws upon strategic partners in specialty areas such as labor to assist, as well.

Community & Grassroots Outreach

No company is an island and communicating key messages to community groups and grassroots organizations can be critical tactics for organizations wishing to shape perception and behavior change, whether it’s within its workforce or among target segments of the public.   This practice focuses on developing and implementing the most effective outreach strategies.

Diversity Affairs

Communicating effectively with diverse audiences has become essential for many companies, for whom the workforce, stakeholder, and customer base is now comprised of many demographic segments.  Goldman brings you proven success in effectively reaching out to diverse audiences through an array of tactics, including targeted media relations, grassroots activities, and much more.


This practice area integrates public relations tactics into the overall marketing program, ensuring that marketing and public relations messages are compatible, leveraging the marketing program with tactics such as media relations and special events. It creates a climate of “sales relations,” in which public relations helps make targets more receptive to the sales message, incorporating diversity messaging into the marketing program if appropriate, and more.

Social Impact Marketing

Goldman & Associates’ social impact marketing practice seeks to bring about measurable changes in social behavior and public opinion. We founded the practice because clients have increasingly asked for our assistance in creating long-term substantive impact on broad social issues. The social impact marketing practice goes beyond traditional public relations techniques to bring together an array of tactics such as research, diversity affairs, grass-roots, coalition-building, strategic advertising and much more.

Mature Market

Goldman’s Mature Market Practice specializes in services to senior living communities and related services and products for the mature market, including health care, assistive devices such as hearing aids, financial products, and much more. This practice has served nearly 200 senior communities and companies, as well as other clients in the mature market sector. Our success in this arena has been recognized by honors in the National Mature Media Awards, the nation’s leading senior public relations and marketing competition. Our deep understanding of the industry is also reflected by the fact we write the Goldman Mature Market Report, an award-winning online magazine for executives in the senior living and related industries (please check it out at

Crisis Management

In today’s world of the 24-hour news cycle and instant communications among individuals, planning for and managing crises is more imperative than ever.

Our crisis management practice guides organizations in planning for crises, training for crisis scenarios, and it assists on site during and after crises.

Customer Satisfaction

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction is fundamental to success. As a public relations firm with decades of experience regarding public perceptions, expectations and issues, we’ve developed specific tools to assist companies facing customer satisfaction challenges.

We conduct in-depth post-transaction follow-up calls to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We facilitate customer focus groups to determine issues and perceptions. We also conduct employee focus groups to identify any internal obstacles to satisfying customers and to determine if training programs need to be developed and put into place.