Local Retailers Question Social Media Value

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Local Retailers Question Social Media Value

The New York Times has the details.…

Apple Looking for Music Journalist

An indication that the company is branching into journalism of a sort? The story from Musically.…

Further Thoughts on Washington Post Sale

More reflections on the recent major digital media-journalism news about the sale of the Washington Post … from the Nieman Journalism Lab.…

Spellers Now Need to Know Words’ Meanings

A big change in the nation’s spelling bee … from ABC News.…

Some Redesigning for Gmail

Some redesigns to the Gmail experience … the details in MediaBistro’s AppNewser.

How TV Covered the New Pope Announcement

Mediabistro’s TVNewswer offers this assessment.

What “Likes” Say About You

Researchers at the University of Cambridge say Facebook “likes” say a lot about you, as reported by ScienceNews.

How Newspapers are Succeeding

An in-depth look by the Pew Research Center on how newspapers have changed to succeed.…

Becoming Famous Via YouTube Isn’t Easy

It’s not easy to become famous on YouTube, according to Mashable’s article on the band Karmin…

Should Election Day be Declared a Holiday?

That’s the question on AOL Jobs.