Viral Pop-Tart Cheese Sandwich Saga

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Viral Pop-Tart Cheese Sandwich Saga

This viral story caught our attention. A tweet by an Iowa State University sophomore claimed that “you’re not an Iowan unless you’ve tried a Pop-Tart cheese sandwich”. It included a photo of the sandwich. Okay, college students can eat disgusting …

Viral Story Writer Tells All

What does it take to get someone to click on a headline at a news site so the article becomes a viral story? Here are a few tricks to the trade from a writer who’s job it is to create …

Wrestling With Likely False Viral Story

Proctor & Gamble has been trying to address an unverified viral story about an infant dying from using one of its cold remedy products. The story appears to initially have been posted on a blog site. The Cincinnati Business Courier

Big Viral Story For This Thanksgiving

An accidental Thanksgiving invitation sent by text from a grandmother to a random teenager leads to a heartwarming viral story and makes national news. The grandmother is making good on her invitation and will be having a much larger Thanksgiving …