Peculiar Demographic Changes of Motherhood

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Peculiar Demographic Changes of Motherhood

A noticeable demographic change is happening to women of childbearing age. For years, fewer women were having children and those who were having children were having fewer children. All that has begun to reverse. There appears to be a demographic sea change underway. Women are still waiting longer to have children, but more than half of never married women in their 40’s have had a child. And women are on average having more children when compared to women in the 1990’s. Pew Research Center has examined this issue and offers some additional insights and reasons this might be happening. You can find the research and their analysis here.

Rebuilding a Damaged Reputation

An organization could spend many years building its reputation to only have it thrown into question overnight. The lessons for rebuilding personal reputation in this article by Ray Hennessey for Ragan’s PR Daily are of value to organizations as well. Beginning the process of rebuilding sometimes requires an apology or the need to redirect the conversation. Both are good advice. The article is a great starting place for someone who has had their reputation damaged.

Publishers Wary of Facebook’s Change

Facebook’s announced change to its news feed algorithms to create more personal content for users has been in the news the last few days. Facebook’s news feed has been crucial to publishers’ efforts to increase clicks. Publishers are concerned that they will lose an important revenue story for advertisers. SF Gate interviewed a number of publishers who are quite candid about these concerns, to the point that it may cause some to go out of business. Here is their side of the story. There has been no dialog with Facebook about this change causing fear and grave concern.

Top 10 Google Searches for 2017

Looking back over 2017, Reuters put together a list of the top ten Google searches for 2017. In many ways, it is a look back at the top news stories and tragedies of the year. However, there are some oddities. For example, the tenth top search was for Fitbit Spinners. See if you can guess what some of the rest are before clicking here.

Best Brand Storytelling 2017

If you want to see some great storytelling that brings real value and power to some well-known and not so well-known brands, Adweek has put online the winners of its 2017 Arc Awards, an awards program for best brand storytelling. We view this as falling being in the realm of public relations rather than advertising; but either way, there are wonderful brand stories being told by companies and well worth taking the time to view them.

Why # is Called Hashtag

Ten years ago the # on a Twitter address could have been called the pound symbol, the number sign or tic-tac-toe frame. The reasons it isn’t are explained by the developers of the hashtag in this story by Wired. if you’re curious how the hashtag came about, here is the history behind it as told by Chris Messina,Stowe Boyd, Biz Stone and Heather Guatney who parented the invention.

Generation Z Steps Into the Limelight

Though not scientific, a college professor has written in the Huffington Post about his recent engagement with Generation Z. Generally the older generation feels the new generation is diminished in some way; that technology, poor education or upbringing makes them less than the generation before. This is not the case here. It is a full-throat endorsement of this new generation which has just entered college and follows the Millennial Generation. John Schlimm speaks passionately about what Generation Z will bring to the country.

Ikea’s Shocking “Pee on this Ad”

Ikea, in a magazine ad created by its agency Akestam Holst, literally wants women to pee on an Ikea ad to see if they are pregnant. The ad has been treated with chemicals similar to those found in pregnancy testing devices. If the woman is pregnant, she can receive a special discounted price on a crib which is only revealed by the pee. The story about Ikea’s ad is found in Adweek. As controversial, news media generating and eye-opening as this idea is, it is not the first time the “pee on this ad” idea has been used. The article identified another use of the idea.

TIME Magazine Toys with Augmented Reality

A couple of very unusual and noteworthy changes happened in the latest issue of TIME. Bill Gates was offered, and agreed, to become the publication’s first guest editor in its 94 year history. You can read and watch why he chose to take this step here. It was also a first for the magazine to use augmented reality (AR) in the same edition. Adweek is speculating that there could be more augmented reality in TIME’s future as a way to integrate digital and print. The article provides more details and visuals on this new digital format.

Employee Engagement Killed by Bosses’ Smartphones

You’re in a meeting and during crucial periods your boss is constantly on his phone checking emails and texts. For a company seeking to keep employees involved in operations, there is little that can do more to kill employee engagement than a boss seemingly unfocused on the task at hand. Bosses, you need to get off your smartphones. There is an actual term for this: “Phubbing” it is when a supervisor is unfocused in a meeting with employees because of smartphone use. You can find out more about this deadly employee engagement phenomenon from this Washington Post story picked up by the Daily Herald.