The Changing U.S. Hispanic Population

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The Changing U.S. Hispanic Population

Pew Research Center has an excellent analysis of how the U.S. Hispanic population of roughly 58 million is changing. They have been the primary driver of population growth in this country since the turn of the century, but now their growth is slowing. One take away from the analysis is that the Hispanic population is beginning to demographically look more like the rest of the U. S. population. More Latinos are going to college, more are born in the United States and the growth of Spanish speakers in the home is slowing. There are many more key findings that every marketer should understand.

Google Search Now Includes Local Library

Let’s say there is an e-book you’d like to read. If you do a Google search for the e-book you can find out where to purchase the download, or you can also fine out if it is available at your local library. According to Engadget, this is a new mobile search feature Google has developed. The article explains how it works, but you have to be in the United States to use it. Pretty cool!

Information Literacy Has Americans Divided

There is a large digital divide in America when it comes to information found online and how we assess it. A great tension exists between trusting digital information and wanting to learn new information. Pew Research Center has survey Americans on this subject and has categorized them into five distinct groups ranging from those most comfortable with information literacy to those least comfortable with it. This study has great bearing on how news is understood and accepted. You can find details on the full study here.

20 Best Practices for LinkedIn Users

Adweek surveyed digital marketing professionals on their recommended best practices when using LinkedIn. This article describes twenty do’s and don’ts that came out of the survey. Many are obvious, but from experience are not generally used. If LinkedIn is a social media business platform you use, this list is well worth reading.

More on Social Media as Prime News Source

Here are more interesting results from the Pew Research Center’s analysis of how American use social media to obtain news. Though we wrote about social media as a growing source for news for most demographics, there is a segment of the population where it is decreasing … white males with college or postgraduate degrees. For those getting news from social media, Facebook is the leading source, but more than one social media site is how most Americans obtain their news. Many more fascinating details can be found in the full analysis here.

Getting News on Social Media Grows in 2017

Pew Research Center has an analysis of social media as a source for news. As of August 2017, nearly two-thirds of Americans received their news from a variety of social media sources. This is up overall from 62% in 2016 which was an election year. The fastest growing segment is Americans over 50 with more than 55% of them getting news from social media, a growth of ten percentage points from last year. Tomorrow we’ll look at other interesting demographic changes in the study. However, you can review the whole study here now.

Photography, Animals and Ownership Rights

A monkey looks into the lens of an unattended camera, shoots a selfie and starts a legal battle. At the heart of it is whether non-humans have ownership rights to a creative product. The lawsuit between the camera’s owner and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was novel and important, but recently resolved out of court so there is no legal determination on the issue. However, some level of ownership by non-humans has been acknowledged in the settlement and United States copyright law grants ownership rights to the person who took the image. Read more about this unusual copyright issue in this New York Times story.

“Fearless Girl” PR Results

A year after the “Fearless Girl” statue appeared on Wall Street in front of the “Charging Bull” statue, Adweek examines the results of the controversial PR campaign and what it means for State Street Global Advisors the company behind it.

Marketing to Millennial Parents

Adweek is producing a compendium of articles on businesses marketing to new Millennial parents. A number of the articles that are already written can be found here. Many brands want to ingratiate themselves into the Millennial family’s daily regimen. Some are going about it subtly while others are less so.

TV News or Online News

The gap between those Americans who get their news from online sources and those who get their news from television is quickly closing. Online news is rapidly catching up as the primary source of news when compared to television according to Pew Research Center. The gap in early 2016 was 19%. One year later it has closed to just 7%. Interestingly, this has happened because more older people are getting their news online.