Removing Fake-Facts From Search

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Removing Fake-Facts From Search

According to Wired, Google is seeking to remove fake-facts from its search results and has released a feedback form that allows consumers to curate results. Wired praises Google for this effort at transparency and in addressing the issue of fake-facts, but it points out the numerous problems it creates and the potential damage to some legitimate businesses. Still, like Wired, we see this as an important and much needed start to addressing a very large problem.

Millennial Shopping Trends

Small Business Trends has highlighted five shopping trends seen in Millennials. They make sense and come from a larger Kelton analysis. Small retailers should be able to benefit from these if they take them into consideration at their locations and in their marketing.

AI Making Large Worldwide Gains

According to a story in Datamation, which quotes results from “Global Digital Transformation Survey”, large and medium size businesses around the world are rapidly installing Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout their companies. One important downside that the majority of these companies acknowledge is AI will replace people in the workplace. Industries leading this transformation are finance and insurance, but the list of those just behind them is large.

Combating ‘Fake News’ with Advertising

Media brands being deemed ‘Fake News’ are turning to advertising to address the accusation. Their marketing often educates people on the rigorous processes that make good journalism. A number of these media are claiming that subscriptions and viewership are up as a result of either being called ‘Fake News’ or their marketing. Adweek has examples of advertising media companies are running and more details on the marketing campaigns.

Business Decision-Making and Poker Skills

Reuters has an interview with top poker champion Annie Duke on how the high-stakes game provides decision-making skills. In business and life in general, no one has all the answers when making a big decision. Fixating too much on the big picture is not the answer. Breaking the decision down to smaller choices can help lead you to the right direction. Having a good understanding of people, like the ability to see a “tell”, is also a helpful management skill. Read the article for more ways poker skills translate into business decision-making.

Research Shows Surprise About Income Tax

You might not think many people like to pay income tax. However, new research shows an income tax doesn’t cause a person to work less; and in some cases, actually motivates people to work more. In honor of the Federal deadline to pay income tax tomorrow, here is surprising new research from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

“Fearless Girl” Statue and PR Controversy

We recently wrote about how “The Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street came to be. As a result of the decision by Mayor Bill de Blasio to keep the statue up through February 2018, the artist behind the “Charging Bull” statue has decided to sue a variety of entities to get “The Fearless Girl” removed claiming it changes the meaning of his art. This PR controversy seems to be somewhat contrived, designed to get publicity for the artist and possibly some extra income. NY1 has the story and explains the artist’s concerns. You be the judge.

United Airlines’ Public Relations Crisis

How many ways can United Airlines screw up? First it was the leggings controversy which was discussed here. Now it is the videotaped removal of a paying passenger who was unwilling to leave a flight for another the next day and the ensuing controversy it has caused. CNN explains the story and enumerates on the many problems this is causing United. In the end, the untaken offer of $800 compensation to the passenger will cost United Airlines hundreds of millions of dollars. In the future, a higher passenger compensation might be in order. Meanwhile, an apology might help; because before long, if this continues, the CEO might be losing his job.

Can A New Crayon Color Create Buzz?

How much passion do you feel for the crayon colors in a box of crayons? Crayola is hoping adults have a good amount. They’re attempting to create buzz around the removal of one color and the addition of another. We suspect there are a few adults who are passionate about the colors in a box of crayons, but it’s been a long time since most opened one. The story is in Mashable.

Want To Make Money on YouTube?

According to Computerworld, if you want to make money from your YouTube videos, there’s now a lifetime threshold of 10,000 views before that process can begin. This is only one of the new YouTube rules, part of its Partner Program, that have been implemented to prevent hijacking content produced by others as well as to stop common abuses. If you want to learn more, Computerworld has a list of questions and answers about how this program works at this link.