Twitter’s Abuse Crackdown

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Twitter’s Abuse Crackdown

Twitter releases stats about what it is doing about abuse … the story from Mashable.

Will Fake News Endure?

Thoughts on the fake news problem, from Columbia Journalism Review.

Science Behind Fake News Going Viral

Scientific American has an article that explains scientifically what causes fake news to go viral…and it has similarities to a virus attacking a host. It seems that the the mathematical model showing how a host responds to a virus can be used to explain a viral news attack and how it spreads. The research also describes why fake news succeeds so well against the spread of real news.

Many Influencers Ignore FCC Rules

Influencers who are paid by a brand to tout products are required by the Federal Communications Commission to let consumers know they’ve been paid by the brand to do so, but many ignore this requirement. PR Week examines this issue and the key reasons influencers and brands are unconcerned…there are no teeth to the paid post rules and the fines aren’t consequential.

Online Harassment: The New Normal

Pew Research Center released a new study that shows how prevalent and devastating online harassment has become. Forty percent of Americans have personally experienced it, while two-thirds of all Americans have seen it done to others. Social media is where most of it is taking place. More than a quarter of all people are unwilling to comment on social media for fear of being harassed. The study points out the terrible, real life consequences that occur to those people who are the recipients of online harassment. This is likely to become a benchmark study for future measurements of a key part of the social fabric of civility that appears to be quickly fraying.

Physician Reputation Management and Yelp

A few bad online ratings and reviews for physicians can ruin a practice. The Wall Street Journal, in this Marketwatch link, examines the challenges physicians face with Yelp ratings and reviews and how some are addressing the issue of reputation management. What is beginning to happen is the development of better communications between a practice and patient, but sometimes it’s not always fair.

Do Google and Facebook Control the News?

It is more than an interesting question. News publishers are quite worried that they do and have banned together with the intent to ask “Congress for an antitrust exemption to let news organizations collectively bargain, like a union would, with Facebook and Google”, according to a story in Verge. Both social networks control more than two-thirds of online advertising and virtually half of all adults get their news from Facebook. The New York Times was first to cover this story and their coverage is here.

Streaming Versus Two Movie Tickets

The question of how much value a person can receive from paying for one or more streaming services against purchasing two movie tickets has been examined by Decider. It’s really an amazing comparison and shows how difficult it will be for movie theaters to compete with streaming services for entertainment dollars. Movie theaters and many first releases are seeing erosion, but this common-sense comparison is eye-opening.

Goldman Story Picked Up By Adweek

A recent story that Goldman & Associates was involved with that ran in the Houston Chronicle was picked up by Adweek, the industry publication for the advertising and public relations industry. The magazine thought it was a great example of brand marketing. You can find the Adweek article here.

Millennials Score These Brands Big

According to Adweek, “YouGov BrandIndex, a public-perception research firm that interviews over 1.5 million consumers yearly, just unveiled the results of its latest survey.” Millennials give some obvious brands their highest customer scores. Tied at the top of the list are YouTube and Facebook, but the number four and five companies, and their proximity to each other, come as something of a surprise. You can find this list and additional commentary at the link here.