Consumer Reaction to Fake News

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Consumer Reaction to Fake News

Adweek has prepared an infographic, based on research done by Origin/Hill Holliday, of how fake news and false content are effecting consumers and brands. In the short time that fake news has become an issue, its impact is already seeing a dramatic impact. “The majority of consumers are concerned about the rise of fake news”, according to Adweek, but the research shows the issue goes much deeper. The infographic does a good job of examining the spectrum of challenges.

Waves of Winners and Losers in the Cloud

BetaNews has an interesting perspective on the tidal waves of change taking place in cloud computing… an industry that is only 11 years old! The article illustrates its point by reviewing past computing trends and the downfall of once great companies that didn’t adjust fast enough. The publication then makes predictions on upcoming cloud winners and losers.

How Radical Will AI Job Transformation Be?

Pew Research Center has a very interesting analysis of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) will mean for keeping jobs, education and job creation over the next ten years. The number of jobs affected will be dramatic and highly disruptive. A partial list of professional jobs that can be managed by robots and computers included in the article is shocking. However, there seems to be little consensus from experts as to whether these jobs can be replaced with others and whether the education system is ready to handle the retraining transformation that the workforce will need. Clearly, there will be winners and losers with this enormous change.

Social Media Not Popular in All Countries

Despite the broad use of social media in the United States, what we see here isn’t always the case with other advanced economies. Though there are countries that use social media more than the United States, there are a number that use it considerably less, according to Pew Research Center. Germany, Japan, France and Greece are examples cited of countries using much less social media. See how most of the advanced economies rank and the explanation Pew Research Center gives for the low popularity of social media in some of these countries.

Consumer Views on Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality has been highly touted as the next big consumer product. However, are consumers ready to actually purchase virtual reality sets and are those who purchased them pleased with their investment? Adweek has a great infographic on new research by Magid that examines these questions. What they found is that the answers are nuanced and it might take a little more time for this product to catch on.

Search Trends Might Reveal Upcoming Crisis

Pew Research Center has studied local search trends related to the Flint, Michigan water crisis starting in 2014. The results “reveal that residents of Flint were searching for information about their water before the government recognized the contamination and before local and regional news media coverage intensified beyond a handful of stories related to the initial switch of the water supply.” Their analysis seems to indicate that better search trends data studies might reveal and mitigate future crises prior to them exploding. We think it is an interesting concept with dramatic possibilities.

Mobile Small Screens: Big Video Use Jump

Advertising on mobile small screens has seen a huge increase over the last year to correspond with a large increase in viewership. An Adweek article cites IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report statistics that show mobile small screen advertising has increased 145% in the last year. This is only one of five dramatic trends that are noted in this article.

Digital Media is Nearly All Mobile

Marketing Land has dramatic graphics that illustrate how digital media viewing is now mostly from mobile. The desktop is simply going away as a tool for watching digital media. Using comScore’s “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report as the research source, the publication shows how nearly 70% of all online viewing is now mobile. You can find links to the article and report here.

Major Cable Streaming Services Differences

Ready to cut the cable cord? Confused by all the new “skinny” offerings from various streaming cable services? Adweek has put together an article with graphics that illustrate the differences among the various top streaming cable service providers and what you would pay for each.

Removing Fake-Facts From Search

According to Wired, Google is seeking to remove fake-facts from its search results and has released a feedback form that allows consumers to curate results. Wired praises Google for this effort at transparency and in addressing the issue of fake-facts, but it points out the numerous problems it creates and the potential damage to some legitimate businesses. Still, like Wired, we see this as an important and much needed start to addressing a very large problem.