Rapidly Changing Digital and Social Media

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Rapidly Changing Digital and Social Media

ComScore has released the latest results of its 2017 report on how consumers are using TV, digital media, social media, mobile and e-commerce. Among the results are the continued rapid growth of mobile as well as the fastest growing mobile apps and digital media properties. You can read more about the results at this link.

Is the Fate of Journalism Improving?

According to an ongoing study by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, which is charting the convergence between journalism and platform companies, it is not. The study results claim that traditional publishers are losing their role to social media platforms and therefore can’t figure out home to monetize journalism. The study questions whether publishers should even be in the business of publishing. For anyone who cares about journalism, the questions and ideas discussed here are worth reading.

“The Fearless Girl” and the Wall St. Bull

There’s been a great many stories about “The Fearless Girl” statue that appeared on Wall Street to confront the “Charging Bull” statue the night before International Women’s Day. The idea has been so profound and popular that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio just announced it will remain up through February 2018. Adweek has the story about the two women who created the statue and how they developed this remarkable, iconic, public relations idea.

April Fools’ Day Jokes Made by Brands

Adweek has a selection of the best April Fools’ Day jokes produced by brands this year. Let us know which you think are the top contenders. They run from the macabre for a British home cremation service to the absurd with new Google apps for dogs. Most definitely get your attention.

The Funniest Product Reviews on Amazon

Really, these are not early April Fools Day jokes. They are actual product reviews compiled by Refinery29 from Amazon.com product listings. They run from cleverly funny to droll. Peculiar products made some of these reviews a natural choice, but this is a must read if you want a good chuckle.

Social Issue: Paper or Plastic

Everyone who has ever purchased a product at a grocery store has been asked: paper or plastic? There are two, very vocal sides which feel their preference is best for the environment. It now appears the vast majority of Americans have come to common agreement. According to a recent Gallup survey, the winner is paper 73% to 22% for plastic. For years lobbyist and their respective industries have worked to shape public opinion on this social issue. Now, there is a clear winner.

How Fake News Tricks The Mind

National Geographic demonstrates how fake news tricks the mind. The publication wants you to answer this simple question: “How many animals of each kind did Moses put on the ark?” The common answer of two is wrong, because it wasn’t Moses who placed the animals on the ark. It was Noah. Critical to discerning fake news is whether you read reflectively, which gives enough time to engage in the verification process. Additional ways fake news trick us are explained in the article.

Crisis Management of Leggings Issue

United Airlines is in crisis mode today after girls wearing leggings were made to either change out of them or add skirts before they could fly. A blogger with a small following tweeted about the situation and it grew from there into a national controversy about who can decide what is appropriate in-flight clothes. United Airlines crisis management response has been to back down and to explain the situation. It turns out that the girls were flying as “an employee benefit” and were subject to employee rules. Though this part of the story isn’t being covered well, to us whatever regular paying customers can wear should have been appropriate for these girls. It might be best to just state that the company has heard how customer feel about leggings and has changed the rules for all.

Age Demographics Mean Big Workforce Change

According to Pew Research Center, the country is about to see major changes in our workforce size as a result of aging. Demographics show that in the next twenty years the workforce growth will slow and begin to actually shrink unless immigrant workers are brought into the United States to replace Baby Boomers who are retiring. The details are explained here.

Public Relations Service Cision Makes News

Cision, the media research and posting service that many public relations firms and large businesses use, is going public. Initially begun in 1892 as a Swedish press-clipping service, the company has grown by purchasing a number of public relations services and combining them into a technology company that is still focused on public relations. Their plan, as described in this Chicago Tribune story, is to grow by purchasing additional companies. What companies they might be is not explained.