Digital Native-News is Having Problems

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Digital Native-News is Having Problems

BloggerOnce the bright star in journalism, digital native-news is experiencing large staff cuts and revenue losses since the pandemic. Traffic, which had been slowly rising at these sites, has now plateaued since 2019. The life-blood of news media – advertising, …

BuzzFeed Site Shows Journalism Heft

BuzzFeed Spotlights its Commitment to Reporting

NewsjpgA development in the ever-changing world of journalism: BuzzFeed has set up a separate site for its news stories. According to TechCrunch, the organization wants to make it clearer that it does in-depth …

Facebook Brings News Powerhouses Aboard

Facebook Pays for News Content

newsiconABC, Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, Jorge Ramos and more: News powerhouses are coming aboard Facebook’s Watch, its section of proprietary video content. As TechCrunch points out, what’s especially notable is that the social media giant …

Google and Facebook Changes Showing Impact

In the wake of fake media placements and for better advertising results, Google and Facebook have started changing the way they post news stories. When these changes were announced, media companies expressed concern that it would impact their revenues. The

New Research on Consumers of Digital News

Pew Research Center has just published the latest analysis of consumers who get their news from digital sources and how they then react to it. Online consumers were equally likely to get news from a news website as from a …