Videogaming, Esports Get Own WP Section

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Videogaming, Esports Get Own WP Section

Amid the cutbacks in journalism, the Washington Post is adding a coverage area: videogaming and esports. It provided details on its new Launcher section today.…

Tabloid Journalism Goes Back a While

The history of tabloid journalism is longer than one might expect. The Conversation has the story.Scandalgraphic

Media Facebook Comments Get Legal Shakeup

Facebook Comments Ruling Hits Australian Media

A judge there says media companies are obligated to moderate comments on their Facebook pages GavelThe Guardian analyzes what it calls a “landmark ruling.”…

Fake News Debunked, Just About Daily

For an understanding of how fake news originates and spreads, take a look at AFP FactCheck, which Factcheckexamines and debunks “information” from around the globe. It is fascinating, disturbing and obviously a lot of work for the AFP team.…

Major Newspaper Boosts Investigative Staff

While the cuts in newspaperNFgraphic staff seem endless, the Washington Post says it plans to hire 12 more investigative reporters … The Hill has the story.…

American Journalism Project Readies to Act

BloggerSince the Great Recession American newspapers have seen their revenues cut by nearly half. Thousands of jobs in the industry have been slashed and still it is having trouble recovering. Hoping to plug the dike is the American Journalism Project

Polls Hold Too Much Sway for Reporters

SurvyclipartAs the next presidential election inches nearer, there’s some talk among journalists about relying less on polls … it’s the subject of this piece in the Washington Post.…

Best Fake News Hounds, AI or Journalists?

Hound sniffAre trained journalists or is Artificial Intelligence best at determining fake news? Essentially, the question comes down to reliance on people either way: those who program AI or journalists who write news to determine the fact. Adweek reports that a …

Robots Writing News v. Journalists Writing

RobotOur headline is a little misleading. It’s not robots writing news that is taking place, but software algorithms that are being used to write news, also known as automated content. The College of Journalism and Communications at the University of

Behind the Univision Layoffs

Strife Among Univision Brass Precedes CutsShouting

Univision is still the nation’s largest Spanish-language media outlet, but its audience has dropped sharply in recent year and competitors are nipping at its heels. This week its new CEO announced it is laying …