Protecting Kids from Digital Dangers

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Protecting Kids from Digital Dangers

UK campaign says legal mandates protecting kids from online negatives are needed

A new campaign by  the Daily Telegraph backs legal requirements protecting kids from digital dangers and has launched a campaign on theMagglass issue. It centers on “duty of …

Politicians Are Setting Up Their Own Media

MicrophonePoliticians aren’t just tweeting

Politicians are setting up their own media. They’re establishing live streams, blogs with catchy names and more to reach voters directly. According to the New York Times, it’s partly to promote themselves. It’s also a …

How Shoppers Look Online, Buy In Store

Adweek has an interesting infographic that explains how shoppers look online before buying in stores and vice versa. The term that is given for this type of person is “omnishopper”. There are a few shopping patterns identified by Criteo, the …