April Fool’s Day 2021

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April Fool’s Day 2021

JesterYou just get a sense that companies and organizations are feeling better about 2021. Last year, April Fool’s Day passed by with hardly a chuckle. This year brands are back to using this annual jokester day to gain some publicity. …

Six Tips For Podcast Lovers

Podcasts seem quaint and old school these days. But with summer vacations and long, hot commutes an August mainstay, they are perfect companions. C/Net has six tips for podcast addicts. Check out these great ideas that will improve your podcast …

The Internet’s Fake News Problem

CNET’s story on the internet’s fake news problem shows that it is bad and likely to get worse. Google and Facebook have been shown to run fake news. These marketing giants, which are a primary source of news, have made …

Trend: Snapchat’s Older Audience

It seems the trend for Snapchat is to find an older audience that has more discretionary income. It’s inevitable. Most of the time social media audiences age and grow. In this case, Snapchat is looking for an older audience. C/NET