Renewing Trust in Media and Democracy

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Renewing Trust in Media and Democracy

This is no doubt a weighty topic, but one crucial to the success of our country and the business of public relations. Journalism and our democratic institutions are suffering from public distrust. Earlier this month, The Knight Commission on Trust,

Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?

5-star-reviewAre online reviews worth trusting? Before providing thoughts on the answer, here is another question. When is the last time you wrote an online review? According to research cited in this New York Times article, only 1.5% of the …

Will Online Trust Grow in Next Decade

Pew Research Center contacted a number of experts and asked them whether online trust will grow in the next decade. You can find the results here. Essentially, there were six different themes on the fate of online trust. Sadly, …

Only 6% Trust News Media

NBC News posted a news story that only 6% of the United States trusts the news media. The survey was done by Media Insight Project. It found the biggest component of trust is accuracy and 4 in 10 people had …