Autonomous Vehicles Might Change Cities

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Autonomous Vehicles Might Change Cities

vehicleA Newsweek article, based on Georgia Tech research, describes how autonomous vehicles might reshape the demographics of cities and thus change the businesses that serve those people. Georgia Tech’s modeling indicates that younger people, who are now a key component of city life, may likely move to less crowded outer areas of cities, while older people will move into city centers. If true, autonomous vehicles could have a more profound effect than what we imagine on the surface, they might actually create megatrends in which shops, services and the general business make-up of cities evolve. It might be that seniors begin to dominate our cities and the services they require become more dominant. The article describes this idea of change in more detail here.

Facebook Trips and Falls, A PR Crisis Mess

Facebook cFor those who have not read The New York Times story of November 14 about the PR missteps of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg in the face of revelations about 2016 Russian election interference at the social media platform, here it is. Every top executive at a major company should take the time to learn what not to do in a crisis. Back in March, The Goldman Blog identified the need for Facebook to get good public relations counsel. Not that they were listening to us, but they did get PR counsel. Their pick made a real mess of the situation or wasn’t willing to stand up to the client to tell them what they actually needed to do. If you just read the subhead of the article and do the opposite of “Delay, Deny and Deflect” you’ll do a much better job than Facebook for any crisis you might have.

How do Americans Prefer Getting Their News

NewsjpgWould you rather listen to the news, watch it, or read it? Depending on your answer, you could be in the minority of how Americans consume news. The largest group, roughly half of all Americans, prefer getting their news from watching television. The next group is readers, mostly consuming it on websites and social media. The smallest is listeners. These research results were released today by Pew Research Center. One last stat, the younger you are, the more likely you are to prefer the Internet as your source for news.

A Good Side to Teen Social Media Use

pexels-cell photo-smallFor the most part, social media use by teens has been viewed by researchers, parents and even teens as fraught with negative outcomes. However, a new study by Pew Research Center is showing that there are positive benefits to be gained by teens using social media. With virtually every teen using some form of social media, it is nice to note the positives of “strengthening friendships, exposing [teens] to different viewpoints and helping people their age support causes they care about.” The study results, viewed here, make note of many negative too, but since teens aren’t going to change their use of social media, so looking at the positives for a change might balance our opinion about this pervasive activity.

Cyber Monday Started With A Press Release

According to Metro, the term Cyber Monday is credited to have been first used by senior vice president of the National Retail Federation Ellen Page in 2005. That year, the organization put out a press release with the headline, “Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year” to boost online sales. The Goldman & Associates Blog has tried to locate a copy of the press release for readers to see, but hasn’t been successful. According to Wikipedia, 2017 sales for Cyber Monday were $6.59 billion. That’s quite a sum of money to have been generated by a marketing idea initiated in a press release.

Best Fake News Hounds, AI or Journalists?

Hound sniffAre trained journalists or is Artificial Intelligence best at determining fake news? Essentially, the question comes down to reliance on people either way: those who program AI or journalists who write news to determine the fact. Adweek reports that a startup by Court TV and Yale Journalism Initiative founder Steve Brill called BrandGuard will be testing this idea in the marketplace. Advertisers want to avoid having their brand advertising associated with fake news. Google is one company relying on AI to make the determination while Facebook is using something of a hybrid process. BrandGuard has put its faith strictly in the hands of journalist who it thinks can best sniff out what is fake. It will be interesting to see who is best at this.

Nanoinfluencers Look to Persuade Friends

Small groupLike influencers, nanoinfluencers look to persuade others about products and services. Marketers seek out these people to have them engage their friends and followers with messages about products. Nanoinfluencers are those people who have a small following, usually between 1000 – 7000 people. They are young and particularly good at social media, especially Instagram. Mostly, they have regular full time jobs and social media is a hobby. Influencers can be well paid for posting, whereas nanoinfluencers often receive free products, gifts or very small payments. The New York Times has a story profiling some nanoinfluencers. It describes how they were selected as nanoinfluencers, the compensation they receive and how friends tend to react to their overt product endorsements. Companies believe it is a strong way to grow their business among Generation Z, but the evidence for success is elusive.

YouTube Becoming Go-To For How-To

BloggerAccording to Pew Research Center, YouTube is being used by more and more people to figure out how to do things they’ve never done before. You can count me as one of them. I’ve used YouTube videos to install a garbage disposal, replace valves in my faucets, change wiper blades on every car in our household and much more. YouTube might be more focused on getting consumers to use it as an entertainment resource, but it has a large following when it comes to a “how-to”. About half of all YouTube users go the site for this purpose. But there’s more people use it for. If you want to learn about how YouTube is attracting consumers, the Pew Research Center article explores this and what YouTube is doing to keep people on its site.

Senior Communities Safely Evacuate

Fire graphicThe senior living industry continues to enhance its reputation for safe evacuations in the face of natural disasters. More and more senior communities are finding the need to evacuate due to fires, hurricanes and man-made disasters. From our perspective, the industry has continued to improve its evacuation procedures and capabilities as leaders in the care of the most frail among us. Communications with residents, families members, associates and their families during a crisis have also grown. The deadly California Camp fire is the most recent challenge to the senior living industry’s crisis management abilities. McKnight’s Senior Living has an overview of the industry’s response. So far, a number of senior communities have needed to evacuate. They have done so successfully with all residents arriving safely. In past natural disasters, the industry has relied on the capabilities of Goldman & Associates Public Relations to enhance their crisis communications by utilizing our SL Crisis Mitigation service. You can read about it here.

Odd Thanksgiving Facts

TurkeyThis post has little to do with public relations. Thanksgiving is around the corner and it being a Friday, we thought we’d provide a few unusual facts about the holiday you can use at Thanksgiving dinner to impress your guests. These come to us from MissionMode. 1. A male is called a Tom. It apparently comes to us from Benjamin Franklin who named it for Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson hated the idea of a Thanksgiving holiday. 2. The person most responsible for making Thanksgiving a holiday is credited to Sarah Joseph Hale, the author of the children’s poem “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” 3. “Jingle Bells”, composed by James Pierpont, was originally a Thanksgiving song that essentially got carried over to Christmas due to its popularity. The MissionMode link has a few other odd Thanksgiving fun facts.