Americans Okay with COVID-19 News Coverage

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Americans Okay with COVID-19 News Coverage

NewsjpgThe last few years the news media has been criticized as being biased or producing fake news. However, it appears Americans are finding coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic more to their liking and evenhanded. That is what a recent survey from Pew Research Center has determined. It shows there is still some disbelief about certain facts. For example, the virus’ origins and how much of a true problem COVID-19 is for the general population are questioned by a large group of respondents. However, in general, there is much more positive agreement on the way the virus news has been covered than most any other news issue in recent years.

COVID-19 Crisis Communications Needs Grow

Covid-19 virus (2)Since before our February 25 post, Goldman & Associates has been working with a number of companies to address the growing crisis associated with the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Preparing both internal and external communications and helping companies think through crisis scenarios are just a few of the actions we have been working on. The challenges associated with this outbreak will continue to grow. Time is running out to prepare. If you have not reviewed your pandemic plans or started your communications team developing specific plans and materials for your organization, contact us quickly. We have been working on the COVID-19 crisis for weeks now and are prepared to move quickly to help.

Coronavirus and Crisis Communications

Covid-19 virusBusinesses and communities may soon be faced with unprecedented challenges associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 should the disease start to become entrenched in the United States. We have seen how difficult it has been managing communications associated with the disease in China. As it expands to many more countries, they too are trying to cope with conflicting information and communications. Crisis communications practices demand providing consistent and vetted information. But as with any crisis, everything is fluid. That said, early preparation and planning will help your organization better overcome this crisis when it comes. The time to prepare is now. If you are not already planning and preparing for the coronavirus in the United States, you are starting late. However, Goldman & Associates Public Relations can help if you act quickly. We have extensive crisis communications expertise and an active emergency department physician on staff to advise on the disease. Don’t delay, call now. Meanwhile, here is the CDC site that can keep you up to date on the disease here.

Social Media Content and Job Hiring

pexels-cell photo-607812 (4)If you’re looking to land that job you’ve been wanting, the first step before applying is to review your social media content. What you post and how it can be interpreted by a prospective employer matters in the job selection process. Penn State researchers have determined that social media content can readily be used to disqualify job candidates. Three strong content negatives form warning signs. If you are too self-involved, opinionated or appear to use drugs or alcohol you’ve definitely lowered your employment prospects. Penn State does recommend that hiring managers need to be trained on using social media content in the selection process and guidelines should be established by companies that examine the social media content of prospective employees. Potentially discriminatory practices could come out of this practice.

Does Faith in Technology Have a Downside?

Google MapsWe’ve seen how faith in our government institutions and in the news media have been tested lately. Our faith in technology might soon be tested as well. A story in the Seattle Times that originated in the Washington Post takes a look at our reliance on something as simple as Google Maps and how easy it can be manipulated to show traffic where none exists. The point of the demonstration, which was deemed performance art by the person creating it, was to question how much trust we should have in technology that’s accepted as commonplace and relied on. A simple hack can be used to fool us. Google Maps didn’t treat this as a crisis and shouldn’t have. Their media response was lighthearted and at the correct level of concern. Still, we are left with an uncomfortable feeling that maybe what we take as beneficial technology, might have a real downside if the purpose were not so innocent.

Has The Age of Social Media Peaked?

SelfieHarvard Business Review is even more harsh about this changing behavior, titling its story “The Era of Antisocial Social Media”. The article explains that a number of research companies performing recent studies have been finding that, among young people, social media use and interest is waning. The age group where this is most prominent is 12-34. And it isn’t on any single platform, but across platforms. According to the article, young people are finding social media lives to be unrealistic and empty shells. They seem to be saying, they just want to be themselves. If these research results continue, the Age of Social Media might very well have passed into history and marketers will need to find a new venue to reach this group.

Valentine’s Day Candy Goes Wordless

sweethearts-peg-bags (2)Public relations crisis or public relations opportunity? Sweethearts, the heart-shaped candy known for it’s traditional Valentine’s Day phrases, has gone wordless this season. Spangler Candy Co., which bought the 118 year old NECCO brand a few years ago, had a printer problem when it was time to print this year’s candies. As a result, many will be without a message. CNN has the story of how this happened and a bit of history on the company. Would CNN be talking about the candies if this hadn’t happened? The story has been covered by The New York Times, NPR and many more media outlets. We’re going with Valentine’s Day public relations opportunity!

Working Remotely Grows Employee Engagement

BloggerSpending less time in the office actually increases employee engagement according to Gallup research. Working remotely is on the rise all over the country and in a variety of industries. Apparently, it is good for business and for workers. “Job flexibility engages remote workers – which drive performance”, writes Gallup. The researchers go on to explain that there is a optimum level at which engagement peaks. That is when employees spend 60% – 80% of their time away from the office. However, what is interesting about that number is in 2012 the optimal time working remotely was 20% or less. Could it be that once people begin working remotely they enjoy it more?

Livestream Gaming is Hot and Growing

Game on (2)Content is king. That holds true for livestream gaming as much as for the streaming wars taking place among Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple +, CBS All Access and more for movies and serial programs. Though less well known, livestream gaming is growing and has major players battling for talent. This CNBC story explains how YouTube, Amazon’s Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer and Facebook Gaming are buying young talent to pull in new global audiences. The numbers of viewers appear to be quite large. Though Facebook wouldn’t specifically say how many people watch livestream gaming; according to the article, Facebook “claims more than 700 million users who play a game on Facebook, interact in a Facebook gaming group or watch a gaming video each month.” Numbers like these seem to be growing quickly for all the streaming services.

10 Tech Mega-trends for This Decade

securityWe recently looked at tech trends that shaped the last decade. What are the mega-trends in tech that will shape this new one? To a great extent they are already here, but not at the level they will be in ten years. At least, that’s how sees it in an article by futurist Tim Ventura. All ten mega-trends seem quite plausible by 2030. Still, somehow our guess is something unforeseen will happen. Maybe its is virtual reality sports leagues or a technology-based medical breakthrough. Let us know if you can think of some that aren’t here. Why are we focused on mega-trends in a public relations blog? Everyone of these will impact the public relations industry to some extent, whether it is new jobs, how we communicate or in ways we just don’t know yet.